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Language Services

Over 225+ Languages & Dialects

Certified Healthcare Interpreters

Certified Legal Interpreters

OPI (Telephonic Interpreters)


Conference Interpreters




Non-Emergency Medical Transportation




Network Management

Love your language/transportation providers? But wish you had more insight and one point of contact? We can help! 

We Love People and What We Do!

Our customer care extends to your clients, claimants, patients, providers, our providers, insurers, employers and even our competitors. For EnvoyCare trust and communication equals growth. We strive to play a proactive role at all times and take a value base approach to what we do.

For example, by increasing the touch-points to an injured claimant in need of an interpreter, it ensures that claimants feel comfortable calling us, in their language, trusting that their communication needs are being met. We know that claimants are already trying to navigate through the process and therefore we want to assured them, we are here to help make things easier and let them know that communication is not a barrier.


Our networks are value-based which means we worry about the highest-value provider and aim to concentrate as much care as possible in them. We share performance metrics with our clients and providers as we know data drives better customer care. One of the performance metrics often left out is the quality of service received by the end user. We don't mind sharing that with you, that is our focus. 

We also know that dealing with multiple providers can be labor extensive, we do this for a living,  we enjoy it, and we have streamlined the process  with everyone in mind. We want to add value to our sector, and we know how often transportation and language services go hand in hand. With this in mind we made it easier for our customers by providing both services in our solutions. This helps reduce calls, and reduce missed appointments and last minute cancellations, we want to open up communication where is needed. 

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