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Behind the Scenes


Continuous Brainstorming, Dreaming, and Innovating

"We care, we do our best, we continuously look for opportunities, and we do the right thing" -EnvoyCare Employee

We strive for "continuous process improvement" and apply that across the organization as a whole. This makes our organization faster and flexible, it also makes everyone's job easier. EnvoyCare focuses on results, we work hard to meet our customers expectation doing all within our control to ensure our providers are on time, and professional. We are committed to quality, harness efficiency, and build all of our solutions with people in mind. Our customers, providers, and anyone that is in contact with our organization will notice the difference!

We Believe in Data. 
We Believe in Giving Back.
We Foster Transparency and Trust.
We are Empathetic. 
We are Efficient.

Giving Back

EnvoyCare's focus is to remain socially conscious, as a company we have made the decision to give back from day one. We not only think about our employees, providers, vendors, and partners but also our community stakeholders. We have pledged to give back 5% of our profits to our community and non-profit organizations in our sectors. 

As an Employer we have internal goal to drive a culture of philanthropy. We have a VTO(Volunteer Time Off) program in place. This means that we encourage our employees to give back. We not only do this with "Time Off" policies but we also host corporate events such as beach clean ups, food and clothing drives, and matched employee donations. 

For our providers and vendors, we look for non-profit organizations that impact their fields, we also encourage eligible providers and vendors to choose one of our charities of choice and upon approval of their application and within internal guidelines, EnvoyCare will to match their donation in part or full.

We are consistently open to ideas and ways to show the heart of organization, if you have an suggestions or feedback don't hesitate to reach out to us! 

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